The prettiest gal in town…

The prettiest gal in town..

She wore her Summer dresses year around. She loved the Monterey weather and she always carry a smile to share with me.  She shared her kind words and she would listen to me.

She would sit in silence and I would speak my poetry to her. We would discuss the sea, John Donne, Hemingway and Salinger. I would find her waiting and alone by the Monterey pier. Her ginger hair laying gently on her soft shoulders and being sun-kissed by the evening falling sun.

She asked me often. Why do you seek me everyday? I am not the prettiest girl you know? The pretty girls, do love you. The dark poet who demand nothing and write by the sea.

I told her. You are the prettiest gal in Monterey. Your heart of gold, those dancing green eyes and your smile. You make me want to dance with joy, when you are near.

She laughed at my words and she told me. I am too fat and I love books, the sea. I love words more than love.

I told her. You are not fat, you are perfect. I love your womanly curves and I adore your hidden tattoos on your tender skin. I dream of kissing your sweet lips and your body near. I dream of you always. You are always on my mind.

She smiled and she whispered. Thank you dear poet. You make me feel good and feel beautiful. I am thankful, I am someone one and only. We need to be someone, one and only. And Johnnie, I am thankful for you. I know every night at 6 pm by the pier. You will bring me coffee and some sweets.You will listen to my new poetry and you will hold my hands. I love our nightly dance with the Pacific. I adore when you steal kisses and make me dance barefoot with the moving waves. You hold me close in the midnight hours and I feel safe.

I told her. You are my evening blessing, my nightly miracle.

Dancing Coyote