Who can limit love?

Who can limit love?
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
" “Who can limit love” Words from the great writer Virgil. "

                       Who can limit love?

She wanted to be the Joan of Arc in the mystery of love.
I told her. Love is like the early morning tide of the sea. You can’t control or stop the flow of the water.
You must cherish and enjoy.

She wanted to love, dance and fall into the paradise of two people seeking the same things.
She whispered in the mist of the midnight hour.
“True love, foolish love.
Wild love, free love.
Uncontrolled love. Lets me swim and die in your arms. My kind and sweet Poet.”

She was wild and crazy. I knew she would stop only for a time. Some woman are to be loved
forever and some woman give just enough to make you stay. Some woman will take you home.
Make you fall crazy in unconditional love than like the free and wild wind. They will escape before you know,
if you had won or lost?

Sweet Jenny savors the sweet kiss. She was infatuate with love. She whispered poetry of passion.
“Hold me. Break me and destroy my hunger hidden in the darkness of the long night.
Make me scream words of gratitude and salvation. I will you let you be my first love, my last love.”

We broke bread and drank sweet red wine and I told her she was my fire and I was her wood. I was a-flamed
with hope in dreams in the safety of her arms. Even if forever is only tonight.

She smile and whispered. Kind Poet. You taught me. Who can control love? We are just people
seeking shelter and needing to dwell in some sort of joy and happiness. I can’t promise forever. Forever
is just a word used without real thoughts. Time is the measure of love.

Two people watched the star and the Summer moon. Sweet Jenny was wishing for escape.
Johnnie made a simple wish. For one more night.

                                    Coyote/John Castellenas