Five mini-poems.

Five mini poems.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

"Just some little poems. "

                               1- War
The war is over.
The guns locked away and
the soldiers are resting.
Youth and eyes burned out by war.
No-one won.

                                2- Miss you
I’m missing you.
I whispered to the falling sun in the west.
The raising moon shed a tear for the lonely lover.

                              3- Moonlight
My moonlight confession,
whispered words to the moon and the stars.
Words that will perish into the western breezes.
Scarce confessions lost to the unknown and sober places.

                             4- Awaken
She submits and she releases.
The Wintry moon awaken,
splendor of love come alive.
Blushing beauty found the essence of love.

                        5- Majestic
Majestic places,
Open ranges, vast forest and wild and untamed oceans.
The gift of Nature to the wise man.

                     Thank you for reading.
                 Coyote/John Castellenas