Happy Thanksgiving and a poem. Be kind to someone today..

Be kind to each other——

Sober men can’t write the truth,

godless men can’t see heaven.

Liquor voices, does not seek salvation,

only seek to repent to the whiskey bottle.

We are like a old house,

once beautiful and new.

We will lose our zeal and know decay.

Become forgotten.

Men who love folly and mischief.

Can they find a place where their restless mind can rest?

I found a girl by the Weeping willow tree.

She had eyes of gold and she had soft tears falling from her beautiful face.

I asked her, 

dear lady, why do you cry?

She looked at me and she whispered.

I cry for you, I cry for men of war,

I cry for men who shall die alone and 

I cry for the children,

who cannot be saved from the hate of our world.

I told her,

we are having a Indian Summer.

The world is in a mess and

I can’t write no-more.

I need to pollute my mind with the whiskey and the song.

She came to me, hair of fire red, voice of gentle angel.

She wrapped her arms around me and

she whispered, “Liquor words are just myth and tale,

just the liar prayers. My name is Morningstar, your watchful spirit.

One day with our parting breathe.

Will we seek forgiveness?

Will we seek silence, knowing we will live forever in Purgatory?

Lofty mind leave us waiting for no-one.

You can’t return to where you begin,

you cannot know forgiveness of days gone and lost. 

We need to be kind to someone today.

Be the lover, be the friend, be the listener, not the talker.

Be the safe place for another.

You cannot drink yourself to peaceful ending.

The Devil is waiting for the men dancing with whiskey dreams and 

careless hearts.

She took my hands and she kissed my face. 

She told me. Even the coldest men, the hardest men.

Can find equal place with their karma.

The darkest days allow us to see the light and

dear Johnnie. Death comes at-will.

It is time to write with honest heart and open eyes.

You are the dreamer and the world need the dreamers today.

We must show the world, the world is colorless,

every life is a energy of the light,

we must be kind to each other.

People need more friends, more kind words. Not lecture and demands.

I laid my head into her neck and she sang me a lullaby.

“We are the painter of our life,

we are the create of our world near.

We can be friends?

We can be enemies?

We can know laughter,

we can be the safe place for someone or

wait in shallow grave waiting for the Devil kiss.

We make the canvas come alive with beauty or disappointment.

Love, kind love.

The way to peace and calm.

Men with raise fist,

do not seek peace.

They want separation.

We need to paint a colorless world,

where the children see faces of friends with the eyes of hope.

One act of kindness can create a river of hope.

Be the one, who blessed his world, not stole all the joy away.”

She released my hands and she told me. 

Time for me to go and if you need me.

My friend, the Willow tree will whisper to me.

You need a friend.

I watched her walk slowly away from the lake and I thanked the sky, the sun and the Lake.

For dear Morningstar. 

My morning blessing, my nightly peace.

Dancing Coyote

© 2020 Coyote Poetry