Please sing me a lullaby, my sweet lady..

Please sing me a lullaby, my sweet lady..

My lovely lady lay in sweet slumber and I whispered into her ear.

You are my morning blessing, my daytime kindness and my midnight cherish place.

She opened her eyes and she whispered, you loved me first and I shall always love you.

She brought her warm body closer and she asked. What do you need my Johnnie? I whispered, please sing me a lullaby,

my sweet lady. A lullaby of a love that last forever.

She smiled and she sang some pretty words to me.

“My dear teacher of love,

my morning caress,

my daytime glory,

my evening place of safety.

I loved you yesterday and I will love you tomorrow.

Once lonely life,

is now filled with laughter,

great travel and knowing.

Your love is near.

I love you like the caress of the morning warm sun on my face,

I love you like the sea, 

that danced freely and untamed.

You make my world sweeter.”

I kissed her beautiful face and I whispered.

I am the lucky one. You loved me.

                Dancing Coyote