Old love..

Old love…

She  called me at midnight and she whispered. Johnnie, Johnnie. Do you remember me? I am so damn lonely tonight and please Johnnie. Can I come to you tonight?
I told her. Peggy, my wild and beautiful girl Peggy. You know my door will always be open for you. You are my lady midnight who love the 3 am dance and you do not want to stay. Her voice weaken and she whispered. Old love, new love. We been. I have fallen into you a hundred times and you accepted me back. Will one day, will you forget me?
I told her. Please Peggy, come to me. You and I know the madness of love, the madness of need. And we like being alone. This is our sin and maybe one day. We shall remember to love. She laughed and she whispered. I will be in Ann Arbor in a hour. I have some whiskey, some beer and some wine. Please leave the door open for me. I told her. I shall be waiting for you my Lady midnight. I found my journal I wrote some words.

“I love you naked, I love you wild.
I love you, when you run to me.
I love you, when you run away from me.
I love you when you scream and I love you when you laugh.
You and I. The same.
We love to bleed, we love to lie and we love to return to dead place.
Old love, just shattered glass that can’t be repaired.”

I heard a knock on the door and she walked in. Beautiful Peggy dressed in her favorite black mini-skirt and devilish smile. I told her.  Please come on in, please give me a kiss and please stay awhile.