The road not taken, by Robert Frost and Poetry for living.

“I loved the hard climb, the untouched path.
I listen for the flowing river and I go to her.
Rarely do I see people.
I sit with the trees, the free animals and allow my feet to feel the
coldness of the river.
I have learn to love the quiet places.”
Dancing Coyote

“I remember the house I lived in as a child.
Was my grandparent home.
The house was warm and
we shared three meals a day.
I remember the taste of cherries and ice cream at 8 pm.
I remembered the blessing of love,
being safe.”
Dancing Coyote

“The young girl asked me. Can we survive crazy? Can we survive madness?
I took her hands, kissed each one and I told her.
I knew crazy and I knew madness.
Being crazy kept be brave and knowing madness.
Keep be safe from the liars.
We, who see and feel too much.
Can be killed off by locked doors, imprison by fault words.
We must reach for the sun, grasp the moon and
we must walk the lonely path.
Maybe you and I,
need crazy, need madness.
Keep us, upright.”

Dancing Coyote