Piece by piece.. A beautiful Kelly Clarkson song.

Piece by piece.

I remember my father. He tried his best and he couldn’t win. I remember my mother. She lost her way a few times and she always got back-up.

We are made by memories. Piece by piece. We gather our memories and some pieces of the puzzle burn our soul and our heart. I remember me and my sister had to go foster homes. AWOL parent and dear grandparent fighting to get us back.

I was a screw-up puzzle till I met children who needed me, to be like my wonderful grandparent. I worked hard and I create safe haven for my children, my grandchildren. 

Piece by piece, we are. We are houses being built with love and kindness.

I didn’t know I was alone. I accepted life as-is.

Took me 36 years to stop and learn. I was alone.

I was lucky. I had the kindest grandparent. Always a open door and a cot for me and my sister. Grandpa ensured I was strong and dear grandmother ensured I knew. I was her baby boy.

I forgave my father, I forgave my mother.

I stayed with one kind woman and I built a safe home for four children and I have five grandchildren now.

Piece by piece, we set-up tables for the life of the people we love. The pieces are what they become.

We need someone to tell us. You are safe and you are everything to me.

You don’t walk alone and I am here.