The dance.. We must dance till we cannot.

The dance

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Many kinds of opportunities for the dance. A wise person is fearless in life. If you take no chances. You won’t know what you could of done and saw. "

                               The dance..

Star bright, star light. So many stars lighting up the night.
Dark eyed beauty dances with the Seaside waves.
She had stripped away her fears and she dances with the moon and the sea.

I watched her dance upon the shore.
I adored her laughter and her hunger to be free.
She told me often. Words are cool.  Better to had lived. Strong and wise people strip away
their clothing. Hiding nothing. Better to be bare and fearless than tired and dead.

We lay together in a cozy sleeping bag.
Warm skin to warm skin. Create fires that can’t be put out.
She whispered. Sweet Poet, are we destined to die. Lose the innocent of youth.
Fall to the desire of useless things. How do you stop the journey from dying?
I don’t want to lose the midnight dances at the sea. The embrace of lovers on
cold nights. I don’t want to lose my laughter and joy. I want to love life and be fearless.

I kissed her auburn hair, beautiful neck and lips. I told her. Life is long. We will live and die many times.
Us human are born to suffer. We want too much or too little. Never content with what we have. Tonight
my sweet love. We are not dead. We can dance by the light of the moon and the stars. Old world is
far away. Just you and me. Knowing peace with the sea and the sand.

My dark eyed beauty stood up and brought me to her. She told me. Tonight we dance like it is the first dance,
the last dance. We will allow the Gods of the sea to know. We love life and are fearless. We will not descend
into to sadness. We will dance the dance of hope and dreams.

The stars and moon seem to shine brighter, like they were enjoying the show.
I kiss my love and whispered a silence prayer to the sea.

Thank you my Pacific. I have a place to come to know peace. I know you can’t control the sea.
We need to be like the ocean. Free from the control of greedy men. Thank you bright stars, that
light up the night. Thank you the powerful sea for being kind. Life is fair.
We must open our eyes and know what we truly need.

Two people danced upon a lonely beach.