The sparkles in your eyes…

The sparkles in your eyes
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
" Old memories and places. "

                 The sparkles in your eyes..

I remember when the sparkles in your eyes could light up the world around you.

I remember how badly I wanted you. How I twisted my world backward just for
a few moments of your time.

And now, my heart had learn. Real love is more precious than diamonds and gold. Hidden dreams and hidden places cannot be removed from the mind and heart.

Now you only smile rarely and find peace when sleep appeared. You swim in sweet dreams and find your beautiful smile in made-up fairy tales.

Maybe your life wasn’t so tough, but you were tender and your heart easily broken.

And me, I was after another conquest, another heart to add to my ego.

But you still won. I go back to you in my thoughts and dreams.
I wished I held on and didn’t teach you the sorrow of the goodbye.

In sweet dreams I didn’t leave you crying, but laughing.  Your beautiful brown eyes filled
with hope and joy. Now I regret not being able to see the sparkles in your eyes.

You were my brightest star and I promise to stay with you forever. To protect and love you.

I learn the liar’s prayers become part of you. Twisted words leave you alone to swim
in the pain caused by stealing emotion and love.

I did cry for you. I saw that you never loved life the same after I stole all your dreams.
And the funny part is. I realized I lost my dream also.

Perhaps I lost them when I left you alone in your bed to conquer another young woman?

Leaving you with my heart.

                           1986/re-write 2013