Beautiful girl/ my medicine… And a beautiful Taylor Momsem song.

Beautiful girl/ my medicine..

She danced a circle dance for the moon and the stars.
Her hair flowed freely in the warm nightly breeze.
I told the kind moon, thank you for sending me the gift of kind and gentle woman.

She came closer to me and she whispered. The sea is alive tonight. The dancing waves and the goddess of the sea demand dance, embrace and sweet kisses. She took my hands and I held her soft body near and we did a midnight waltz for the spirits dancing with us near the Pacific ocean.

She made  no promises to me, but her tender kisses made my dead heart come alive. Made me wish we could be like new lovers trying to take in the night and find secret places where lovers seek and know true and free comfort.

I  told her. Sweet girl. You made my wishes and dream come true . I need your laughter and  I need you near to me when the night become lonely and cold. You are my medicine to finding joy and happiness.

She gave me a sweet smile and she whispered to my yearning ears. Dear Poet. Never run from love, my lover. Love gifts are rare and few. Let’s drink the sweet red wine and I will allow you to hold me tightly in my sleeping bag by the sea. I will be your Beatrice, poor dear Dante wished for, I will be your medicine. I love you Johnnie. Tomorrow is far away. Tonight we sing and dance for the stars and the moon.

Two people danced upon the shore. Blessing the night and the moon smiles and the stars danced for the lovers finding the utopia and the kiss and the embrace.

    John Castellenas/Coyote