The dark lights, the bright lights..

The dark light and the bright lights.

The dark light and the bright lights. Two places we must journey and be observers,  become vulnerable to life’s sin and opportunities. The daylights bring no peace to me. The new day and the warmth of the morning sun make the old places rebirth of miss places and people. I remembered a Scottish beauty. We would walk the German forest and climb the small mountain near. Watch the city moving and active. She loved me so. I remembered her asking me. Have you ever danced with the Devil? The Devil always lead. Love, dearest Johnnie is the light of hope. Please honey, quit drinking, you are slowly killing yourself. You are walking on a deadly edge leading you to hell doorway.

Nothing worthwhile is free. Everything cost and the payment will be due. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow or  maybe in the future days.   I ran away from my home. Detroit city left scars and disappointment. I left and I did not look back at the dying city. I wanted to walk on new soil, to see new skies and to look into new faces. I wanted to test life, travel and forget who I was. I have survived Basic training and Advance Army training. I had ordered for Germany and I went home to say goodbye in the late Fall of 1976. I sat with dear Grandparent and father/mother. We talks of things to come and the possibilities of life. I left the family behind, not walking but running.  I was on my way to Germany. I was excited to touch new land and place.

Show me the light, teach me peace. I shall walk upon the ancient soil and touch ancient buildings. I will listen to ancient people who fought and died. They saw good and bad days. Their lessons are simple. Strong people will survive and life is hard. The day is long and the night is longer. We must stand our ground even in defeat. A grain of sand hold a thousand secrets and a simple flower can arise new hope and dreams.  I loved Germany. Kind and friendly people. I took a German class and I was speaking enough German to fall into the culture of a beautiful country. I arrived to celebrate Fasching. The celebration of the birth of Spring. I liked Germany. No age limit for drinking, beautiful German girls and loud German men. My kind of place. I liked the celebration of Fasching. The tavern are filled with happy and contented people every Friday night. I fitted in like a perfect fitted glove. I could drink with great skill and gained many German’s friend. I won many beer drinking contest. Winning many German drinking boots as my rewards. I sat alone drinking a large German beer and a shot of schnapp. I was joined by two German girls. Sabrine and Betty. They embraced me and they told me as I gave them a pack of cigarettes each. Time to dance and sing laughing American. I lite their cigarettes and my own. They inhaled the cigarettes and they kissed me once, than twice. I joined them on the dance floor and we danced for the upcoming days of Spring.

                             John Castellenas/Coyote