Stand by me. We need “Anti-violence marches.”

Stand by me

Over 600 mass murdered in the USA.
Someone murdered college kids while they slept in Idaho.
Someone killed three strong college men on a bus in Virginia.
Innocence people killed at Walmart.
Innocence people killed in Buffalo.

People, who have lost children, parent and grandparent.
What can we say to a parent who lost a child?
What do you tell a grandson, his grandma was killed at Walmart?
Our world had turned to mad dog leadership.
The pro-gun leaders believe having guns is the way to peace.

I asked the question. Why is there so many mass murdered?
It is time for ANTI-VIOLENCE marches.
It is time for us to stand as one.
Stand by me, for being one in the safety of our children and all people.

              Ojibwa prayer..
I dropped a pebble in the sea. I had held the pebbles for many days.
I whispered to the pebbles.
Please create a movement. A movement to lead people away from hate and violence.
We are brothers and sisters on the earth.
Please send the healing touch to people dead in heart and hope.
Please accept the so many coming to you Great Spirit.
Show them love and place to rest.
Please protect the children and teach the adults.
All life is precious. No-one should be touched by violence.
We need a miracle today. Show the leaders.
Every child is a spirit of love and hope.
This is one planet and one people.
We must lead with kindness and love.

Thank you for reading. Takes one action of kindness to create a wave of hope and friendship.
Today we are at a bad place.  If we don’t change direction. We will leave our children with dead-ends.

IT IS Time, for No VIOLENCE rallies, It is time for us to stand as ONE.
We need family dinners. We need the mom and dad in the same house and we must show the children.
They don’t alone walk alone. Time for us to show our children. We won’t accept the violence no-more.

                          Coyote/John Castellenas