Beautiful Avery Anna song and a poem. I love you.

I love you
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
" Just a lost love poem from November 1993 "

                                I love you..

I love you more than the morning sunrise.
I love you more than all my dreams I hold dear.

When I’m encircled in the shine of your brown eyes.
I can see all the beauty in my world,
I can see the birds flying free,
I can see the dancing sea uncontrolled and wild.
I can see the trees. Alive and strong.
Reaching for God.

Your tender kisses and soft embraces had taught me
to leave yesterday behind.

Your love had guided me to see beyond the sadness and the darkness.
You are my joy and reasons for being alive.
Your sweet kisses take my breath away.

Leaving me hopeful and dreaming of longs nights
and days filled with laughter and you near.

I love you more than my own life.

                             Written in 1993/ re-written in 2014