Everything was you and a beautiful Audrey Hepburn song.

Everything was you..

Waking up alone. Booze, blood and nothing is all I got.

I have gone crazy. I have find peace in loneliness. You were my everything.  I was your mountain and you were my valley and ridges  I needed to feel near.

I tell the young people. Love is costly. You pay with blood and die in the wounds of love.

Lovers love, lovers die
Lovers dance and sing, lovers cry and separate.

I saw paradise in your eyes once. I felled and pray for forgiveness in the view of your hazel green eyes.
You brought heaven to my skin, my mouth and to my heart. You taught me loving was dying, dying was loving. When you open new doors and give all. You leave nothing left except for the shallow grave later.

You told me. Please don’t fail me, don’t leave me and please show me you need me. Tell me I’m everything to you. You will die to keep our love alive. Tell me, I’m your first and last breathe my sweetheart.

I loved to watch you dress and undress. I liked your eyes. You knew you controlled my mind and heart. I loved watching you drop the read dress and slowly taking off each red shoe off. Telling me to play Leonard Cohen song again “A million kisses deep again.” Dancing to the music making me swim in the beauty of your longs legs and to want your body near and kiss.

I remember you whispering to me. Read and write words for me my dark Poet.

‘Don’t forget me, dear lover.
Please remember me in sweet dreams.
Lover, friend and companion in our wild world.
Love me right, love me till the morning light.
Make me want more. Please tattoo sweet kisses on secret places.
Make me come alive and wild.
I want to be nude and free with you.
You are the fire and I’m the wood.”

In sweet dreams we were the perfect lovers. Stayed together. We didn’t allow the world to separate us. Today I accept less. The booze, the blood and the loneliness in okay.

Bleeding for love is what love is.
You made me laugh, you made me laugh and dance with joy and happiness. Than you taught me love is balanced on threads and strings. Broken easily and forgotten for some.

You are my darkness and you were my light. Dark Poet learned.
Love is sweet and can be painful too.

Where are you now sweet lover?

Dancing Coyote