My dream weaver.. And a Beautiful Audrey Hepburn song.

My dream weaver..

1- I do remember our moonlight dance at Big Sur.

We had the half moon above us and

I saw everything beautiful in your wild hazel eyes.

I tossed you into a swirl and I adored your laughter.

Your sweet and kind words, I do remember.

You whispered to me. I am happy.

2- I told her.

She was the most beautiful girl in my world.

She smiled and she laughed at my words. She asked me.

Are your words true? Tonight a half-moon above us.

The liar’s moon.

Are the words, just promises made to be broken?

I told her.

I have loved you for a thousand days and tonight.

I love you more.

She laughed at my words and she told me.

Only a thousand days? Tonight we dance for the moon,

tonight we dance for the million stars above us.

I want you to promise to love me for a thousand more days.

3- Mystical nights, we do know.

We locked the doors and we turned-on the sweet jazz.

We stayed nude till noon and we were so happy.

You loved to dance to Tom Jones and Elvis alone.

I adored watching the movement of your feet and your legs,

I adored watching the movement of your hips and shoulders.

I told you often. Please keep the doors locked.

Keep the world at bay.

I want us free of the ugly world.

You and me.

We prayed for more.

Dancing Coyote