Secret love and a beautiful Doris day song.

Secret love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" “Let’s the bells ring, and let the boy sing, let the cup go around.” John Fletcher "

   Secret love

You bare your words, exposing secret places and thoughts. Elegant words and face haunt my thoughts.

I imagine you close to me. Your soft and gentle face near. Your eyes allowing me to adrift forever in your eyes.

I refrain from passing the point of no return. I’m compelled to read your words and look at your beautiful face, intangible gestures from a lonely and desperate man.

I bathe in the quiet and I’m doomed to write love letters that are nameless. I crumble to safe places where no payment is due.

I dreamed of night beauty turning to day splendor, having you near and us fleeing away from naysayers.  You told me. Lay bare our secrets and open up endless fables and songs. Make the Gods jealous knowing we did not fear the kiss and the embrace.

 I told her. No truce in love. It is sad we can’t love many. We leave our hearts to disregard the possibility of affection. I wish to know blind fury and to write you a thousand poems of love for you.

I read elegant and passionate words and  I dreamed of beauty and love for the ages. Words become damned when two people cannot bring into the sunlight and allow the climax of love to become glorious love that can stand time and distance.

Sweet dreams become longing. Longing become great need.

                                    Coyote/John Castellenas