I hope that I don’t fall in love with you.

I hope, I don’t fall in love with you.

I found her sitting alone on the sand at the Seaside beach. You held your whiskey tightly and you wanted to be alone. I knew your face. You read poetry ugliness of love, the ugliness of life at the Tuesday poetry reading at the coffee shop in Monterey. I knew, sometimes people need to be left alone.
I wrote a poem for her.
“I hope you don’t fall in love with me…
I learn love can be the war of the heart,
where we rarely can win in.
Once love was so damn sweet,
warm and tasty kisses, a blessing.
Once the midnight embrace. So kind and needed.
Please don’t fall in love with me dear Delia.
Delia, Delia. Beautiful Delia.
I love the sin, I love the gin and I love the feel of skin against my skin.
Today dear poet,
I love the silence and I love the sea.
I do pray to the Goddess of the sea, I do pray to the dancing moon.
Please make me brave.
Please allow me to know laughter and be able to sing to the stars above.
Love is a blessing and love will teach us tears.
Dear Delia. Please smile for me.
Let’s dance for the Sea Goddess. Maybe we can find laughter again.”
I went to her and I gave her the poem and I walked to the sea. I took off my shoes and
I drank some whiskey. I danced with the waves, allowing the coldness of the sea.
To awake me up.
I feel someone near. Dear Delia touched my arm, with soft tears falling. She asked me. Johnnie, Johnnie.
Will you read poetry to me and will you hold my hands? Will you tell me, I will be okay?
I brought her closer and I told her. All of us are walking on a thread of hope. We can drink our whiskey,
pray to the the dancing moon. Maybe find a lost smile? Maybe find our missing laughter?
She took my hands and we swirl into a dance with the sea. She looked into my eyes and she whispered. 
Please be kind to me.