Love goes, on and on. And a Beautiful Lindsey Stirling song.

Love goes, on and on…
1- The poet’s wisp. Maybe lies, maybe true.
He told the night. Life is a game of truth and dare.
Do we play or not?
Sometimes the truth is worst than a lie.
With the dare, accepted.
Maybe a secret can stay a secret?
2- Do we follow our father’s sin?
Or do we create our own sins?
Today I looked into a mirror and
I saw my father’s eyes.
When I speak. I hear my father’s voice.
I had my father’s anger and 
I try to keep at-bay.
I try to keep a hopeful face for my grandchildren.
Like my father, I had learn to accept less.
Give more.
3- Love goes on and on when my sweet love is near.
She bless me her kindness and 
her eyes of love.
Teaches me, love is alive and wonderful.
She is what make, once sleeping man.
Arise each day and reach for more.