Love you more. And a beautiful Ashley Kutcher song.

Love you more…

1- The moonlight kissed her skin and the stars adored her barefoot and barely cloth body.  She danced with the ocean and she sang to the goddess of the sea. She told the night, give me one more night to be by the dancing sea, give me one more night to be blessed by the Summer night. Please allow the water to caress my feet and please allow me to fall into the arms of the peaceful sea.
2- Dear Cheryl, I pray there is a place for the wild angels.  Once we got lost into each other and we fell into each other, free-falling. Knowing, we would lose. I found you often in the last-stop Inns and you needed someone to cherish you. And I needed someone to excite my soul. We were people, seeking last grasp, we were people seeking, the last kindness. I remember you ran to me and you made me feel adored and wanted. I didn’t have anything to give to you and you were left alone. You escape to Reno and you died alone. I wonder, what was your last thoughts? I told you often dear Cheryl. Love is war where kiss and embrace demand payment. And no-one can win. I remember you and I hope one day. You and me can hold hands at the Purgatory Inn. I will apology to you for being a heartless bastard. I will hold your hand and I would tell you. I loved you dear Cheryl and I still do.