A thousand kisses deep..

A thousand kisses deep..

The doors are locked and window block by the satin curtains.
We infuse our bodies freely and wildly.
We tossed the silk sheets upon the cold floor.
 We are sharing sweet red wine and warm kisses.

Promises not made. Promises not broken.
We have our fake face showing and desperate wants alive.

I told her. Beautiful lady. You are too good to me.
Too kind to a traveler with no final destination.

Laughing eyes angels turned to me.
She whispered. Few people see us truly nude and  free.
The irony of love is cold and love will find a deadly ending.
I know my sweetheart. We need to dance nude by the lights of the candles
and be a  thousand kisses deep into the want of the heart.

I brought her near. I told her.

I love you, I love you.
I need you near.
Broken day bring hopeful night.
Being seduced by blue eyes and skin that smell like the sea and the wildflowers.
I want to be here. You color my life with brightness and hope.

Small fires can expand.
Need change and a thousand kisses deep in the emotion of joy and dance.
We have adjoined two people by the light of the Fall moon.
Please kind night. Never end, be gentle.

Pretty lady stood up. Took my hands and brought me near.
She opened the curtains. We allow the moon and the stars to watch
two people celebrating the gift of dance, laughter and a moment of peace.

                        Coyote/John Castellenas