A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Words have great power. Use them well. "


Writers and Poets write reflections like a painter uses his gentle strokes to create permanent images of lingering memories.

Writers and Poets write of the impression of perfect sunrises and of the enduring warm of sweet kisses.

Thomas Nashe wrote. “Poetry is the honey of all flowers, the quintessence of all science,the marrow of wit, and the very phrase of angels.”

Thomas Carew wrote. “Then shall thy circling arms embrace and clip my naken body, and thy balmy lips. Bathe me in juices of kisses, where perfume like a religious incense shall consume.”

“I will enjoy thee now my Celia, come fly with me to lover elysium.”

John Dryden wrote. “Neglect love is a dying love. Dying love can seldom can transcend to the surface again.”

Christopher Marlowe wrote. ” Come live with me and be my love, and we will all the pleasure prove.”

I’m asked often. Why write poetry and story? I tell the person. Write, write and write some more. Dear Poets and writers. Words are the leftover memories of a people who once lived. Without words upon paper. We would know only emptiness of a once great people who danced, sang and lived upon the earth.

                         Coyote/John Castellenas