In the year 2525… One of the great songs.

In the year 2525..

Today is another bloody Sunday. Men killing each other, men killing off the great cities and men stealing and killing Mother nature. Where are the wise men? where are the wise women?
The children are learning. Human life, just are body counts for our leaders. And we wonder. Why the children hate the rules, hate us? Today child, can they see the light of hope?
The children asked me. What can I do? Can we make the world a better place? Why do the wars, never-end? I have no real answers, no kind words. I told the polluted sea. Men are filled with greed, filled with hate. The children see in my eyes. Only sadness, for we are killing of cities, women and children in Ukraine and many more places.
Old man told his grandchildren. The world is becoming a “Mad Max world”. He teaches them to use a knife, fire a rifle. He teaches where you can find food in the forest. The old man, he cried alone in the forest. What have we done?
He wondered, if men will be, in 2525. What will be left for the children?
Today is another bloody Sunday. Who is helping Yemen, Syria, Pakistan and Lebanon? 14 active war areas.
Peace, a forgotten word, my friend. Look at the children. Ask them. Do you believe in tomorrow? Their eyes don’t see tomorrow. They know. Today, we must live. Maybe tomorrow won’t come.
Talk of nuclear of war, today. We should have have great concern. The mad men don’t love the children, they do not love the sea, they do not love the great forest. They kill without concern. 
Now the old man ensure his grandchildren enjoy their life. He pray for leaders with wisdom and he hope. The children will do better than he did with our world.