Is it, everything you wanted?

Is it, everything you wanted?

Once I chased you from Germany to the land of Scotland. Once we were brave and once we danced till the songs were done in dark taverns. Once we loved love and we tasted the sweetness of hope. Beautiful Sheena, is it, everything you wanted, this life we lived?

Tonight I found you sitting alone. You drank alone and I saw the heaviness of sadness in your eyes. You asked me. Hello Johnnie, where you been? Did you find your wars? Did you save our world? I sat with her and I fell into her arms/hair and I whispered. You are more beautiful than yesterday. Dear Sheena, I had a good life and I missed only one person. It was you.

She laughed at my words and she caressed my face and hair. She whispered. You can still make me smile. We have traveled far from each other and dear Johnnie. I prayed you didn’t die alone in some war-torn country. I prayed you had found someone to make you happy. I did for a while and I learn. Love is so damn hard, we want too little and we want too much. And I am glad you are here with me tonight.

I asked her. Please dance with me and if you want. I will stay with you in Scotland and I won’t ever leave you my beautiful Sheena. She kissed my face, my lips and she whispered. Can we find things lost? can we find places of safety? Dear Johnnie, please no-more half-moon promises. I am old and so tire. If you stay. Please don’t brake my heart again.

I looked into her eyes and I told her. Dear Sheena, I traveled across the big water to you. I prayed to the sea and the stars. Please Goddess of love. Please allow dear Sheena to forgive a foolish man. I know now. You were the love of my life and I am so sorry for what I did.

She brought me closer and she told me. I forgave you in 1979 and tonight is a half-moon. Let’s make brave promises and please stay with me till you don’t need me, no-more.

He kissed her and he told her. I am here now and my dear Sheena. I will stay till the sun, don’t shine no-more for us. We need to re-write our story where love had won. Thank you dear Sheena.

Dancing Coyote