The eve of destruction. Barry McGuire song , same meaning today.

The eve of destruction…

My grandfather was a soldier, my father was a soldier and I was a soldiers. We were taught to fight, we were taught to shoot weapons and we were taught to kill.
The government wanted robots and they taught the sermon of the blood songs to us. Grandfather fought in WW2 and my father fought in the Korea War and Vietnam. My grandfather tried to forget but my father fought wars till his death in dreams and in life.
Today war is alive and well. More soldiers are being trained to fight, to kill.
“What make the grass grow, blood, drill Sargent.”
“We find God in the foxhole. I was told. I wonder if God is listening?”
The eve of destruction. Maybe today, maybe never? I hope never. Men, fight and fight. And no-one can win. Today 12 active wars and 8 conflicts in our world. Where are the children safe?
I go to Lake St. Clair. I pray to her. Please Gods of life and death. Please help my world. We need healing, we need safe place for so many people in my world.
Once I believed I had a hard life. I saw death cities, I put many people in mass graves and I saw starvation. I learn. My life wasn’t so hard. 
Old and wise saying. If you don’t demand peace, you support war. Today I pray for Ukraine, I pray for the people in Russia, in prison for being against the war. 
Today we are teaching the young men and women to fight. When they return home, blood on their hands and confuse. What will tell them? They killed for the good of our world.