Bare foot girls.

" Do we create our place in our world? "

I have always loved the bare foot girls,

shoeless girls can feel the sand or the grassy open fields with their tender feet.

They don’t steal from our earth.

Just dance with the sea and make love to the sun.


Slumberous love can be awaken.

Needs obedience heart to be foolish.

Better to dance naked for the moon and confess love to a beautiful gal.

The saddest souls held silence and they forgot laughter.

Better to be the one, who loved often and love gave back in return.


Who are we servitude to?

Are we prisoners? Or we are the guards?

Subdue life make us a “doubting Thomas” and the cattle,

waiting for the proper ending to a quiet life.

Wise person seize life like a hungry beast,

taste, travel, test life and never look backward.

The splendor of a good life,

many friends, having many great loves and never content,

with waiting for death kiss.

Dancing Coyote