I want to know you..

I want to know you..

Invisible whispers and silence photos they give me remnants of who you are.

Do you know me?  I believe woman are more layered than men. Rarely does a man see a woman uncovered and not hiding inner secrets and emotion.

Woman are like a mountain. If you try to understand and appreciate. You can find secret ridges and free-falling waterfalls protected and open slowly for the lucky man.

Sweet woman whispered I had loved and lost myself. I want to linger in the madness. Lovely woman bare her breast, release cotton dress leaving a permanent landscape for dreams and vision. Wise man will whispered. I want to know you.

I want to know your secret places and your needs and wants. I want my face close to your face. I want to be condemned to want your kiss and embrace till my last breathe.

Men are layered differently. Led by false need leave some men knowing little. Old man wisdom is to be thankful for the woman who allowed you to drink her skin, fall into her laughter and make you yearn for her tender fingers to make you wild.

Woman whispered please come inside me, drink and drink from my kiss and my embrace. Few times will we know true perfection. I want to know you, your secrets and your dreams. I want us to write a story for the ages.

You are my light and my darkness. I want to feel the heat of your body near. Compose a million words of love for your beauty. You love had left me helpless.

I want to know you, real and true.

                         Coyote/John Castellenas