In hell, I will be in good company.. and the amazing Dead South.

In hell, I will be in good company…

Once I sang the Soldier’s prayer.

“Drink till you cannot,

dance till you cannot.

Make love to the wild gals, when you can

and sing to the 3 am moon every night.

War is coming,

no promise tomorrow for us who serve for the fat men in  Washington D.C.

Soldiers need kisses, need memories and need more whiskey.

Dance and sing, we shall do.

Maybe in hell,

the old soldier will find his peace.”

I saw dead cities, I put bodies in mass graves and I am thankful for every new day. I know. Death kiss is always close and the poor people living in the center of war. They are soldiers too.

Some soldiers pray in the foxhole to God for one more day. I didn’t. I prayed for more whiskey, more midnight dances and the kisses of pretty girls. 

In hell, I will be in good company. I befriended many Vietnam Veterans and they taught me. Need a large glass for the whiskey, we need hard rock and roll, and the wild gals. And bless be the men, who can forget war.