Love is a careless child..

Love is a careless child.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" “Know that love is a careless child, And forgets promises past.” Sir Walter Raleigh "

                            Love is a careless child..

I took my pen to paper and wrote that love can be true,  can be just us looking for empty shadows where the emotion of love is gone.

Love is like a flower garden. We must water, protect and keep it safe. If we are blind and deaf to the need of love.
Bliss and sweet kiss can be forgotten and we will be left with regret and loneliness.

Love is like a careless child. Need to be entertained and kept alive with dance, laughter and passion.

The elixir of love is powerful. It is Good to be fasting in love. Making the need of the embrace and the kiss strong and a untamed flame.

Love is trickery. Love-mad emotion make us hold tightly late into the nights. Allowed us to lavish in skin to soft skin. Trying to become one body and thought. It there mercy in perfect love?

I asked the keeper of the bliss. Where do lovers go with no place to reach?  I knew the answers already.

Love is a careless child. Run and climbs not afraid of where it will land or end. Love is wild and free. Not concern for the ending. Just the moment of sweet kiss and coming bliss.

The song of love must be written. Idle in love will never know the miracle of pure recklessness and joy.
It is good to be young. Being drunk in the emotion of love are the best days and nights of a life.

                          Coyote/John Castellenas