Resembled love..

Resembled love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" True love is rare and hard to find. "

                         Resembled love..

Pretty as a perfect picture and she gave me sly smile and a wink.
I was weary of a beautiful woman who tempted me and ran.

She listened to my poetry and I introduced another Poet at the Poetry reading.
She joined me at my table and she took my coffee and she sipped the warm coffee.
She asked me where I have been. I told you, I needed to talk.

I told her. I fear beautiful woman. Their reflection of love can leave a man damned to be wishing for dances with myth and tale. She licked her lips over the coffee cup and she told me. I like my coffee with less cream and sugar. I like the bitter taste of strong coffee. Old Poet, you can’t fear the ending before the game had begun. Maybe you have something I need.

I took her hands and turned them. I looked at her right hand and trace the lines on her right hand. She would live forever and she had no love line.  I asked her.  Have you ever loved? Have you ever wanted to be saved, to be broken, to be free of secret and hidden wants without destine plan and ending?

She took off her shoes and she put her feet into lap. The warmth of bare feet and her smile make me wish for something dangerous and wild. She thought for a minute and she told me. Addiction, risks and forever. Just words my lover. If we are lucky. We can find something that resembles love. Just enough to calm our needs. I need some laughter and someone who will listen to me. I need coffee and morning talks. Love gets in the way. Baby, you can’t own me and I can’t own you. Better to know some tenderness and some serene love. I’m tire of sedative love. I want the Poet, suicide boarding fool and the free climbing I befriended to live with me.

I brought her hands to my lips. Kissed them and I told her. Maybe you are right. People are dangerous when they want everything. Better to dance slowly and allow life and things to fall into place. My beauty. Where do we begin and end?

She gave me a victory smile and stood up. Gave me warm kisses of agreement. She told me. First step is for you to buy me some bitter and strong coffee, than we will wander to the sea, to sing songs and dance with the sea.

                                      Coyote/John Castellenas