I need a Spring day and a poem.. April come she will.

 April come she will…

March days are almost done. Tomorrow is the day for Spring equinox. I am waiting for the warm days to make my spirit of hope to come alive. I need the sun upon my face and the Lake St. Clair near.

The cold days of Winter seems endless and I need some careless Spring days.  Maybe I will find a kind lady, a empty beach and a good book. I love the four seasons. Allowed me to know the warmth of the Summer days and the coldness of Winter.

April come she will. She will give us sun-kisses of hope, she will make us dream and dance with her. Beautiful April is the time of the rebirth of nature. The flower will overtake the fields and mountains. Create a landscape of perfect beauty.

Dear April, I am waiting for you. Please come quickly to me.

Dancing Coyote