I want to love you like..

I want to love you like.

I want to love you like we are babies just learning to love.

I want you to undress with the lights on, allowing me to see your pale skin and womanly curves.

I want you to dance to Leonard Cohen song “A million kisses deep”. For you to dance freely and nude by the lights of the moon and the stars. I want to bathe in your beauty and create treasures of memories of your beautiful smile and joyful laughter.

I will rise up and bring you near. I will languish in the scent of the fragment of flowers on your scented skin and hair. I will hold the embrace of your warm and soft body near.

I want us to fall into the bed of soft sheets and blankets. Drink red wine and hold fervent kisses of the sweet red wine. Fall together and frolic in the nectar of wild and sweet love like we are children learning to love.

I want us to dance in the heat of the night where two bodies move to the same song of love. I want to feel you near and I will whisper to you. You are my everything.

I want to love you, like we still need each other still.

Coyote/John Castellenas