Beautiful Laura sat by the sea..

Beautiful Laura sat by the sea

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Beautiful places and things can’t be forgotten. "

                        Beautiful Laura sat by the sea..

I sat in a field of wildflowers.
The scent of the wildflowers took me to the sea and sweet Laura.

Laura loved the free flowers. She told me often.
Beauty should be free and not caged.

I went far away from sweet Laura. I served the Army and she was wild and free.
I remember her sweet voice.  Her singing of sweet songs of love and peace.
She loved dancing with the waves and tossing me butterfly kisses from a distance.

She asked “Would I return to her my Poet friend?”
I told her. Life is not fair. I will try to return to you my love. I know you can’t return
to the same place you left.

Laura took my hands. We danced upon the Monterey beach.
She whispered. I guess we must enjoy the moment. Pretend we are Romeo and Juliet.
Last waltz or first waltz. You will be a friend till my last breathe.

I wished daily to return to the sea.
To share sweet wine and kisses with my muse.
Sweet Laura still dances with the waves in sweet dreams. I still can hear  her sweet laughter and see the
gentleness of real love in her eyes.

Thank you dear Laura.