First words, last words..

First words, last words

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Words can have great power. False words can brake a heart forever. Word of true love can make us desire the moon and the stars. "

                          First words, last words..

Words can be  powerful tools.
Can awake the fearful and dead in heart.

Sweet love, eternal love.
Tender love make me dream and yearn for the kind embrace.
The sweet fragrant of love. Let me dwell in the sweetness of sweet kiss.
Allow me to to know the tranquil places where lovers know true pleasure
and paradise.

Allow the Wintry moon to cover up our secret places.
Where fiery desire can be hidden away from unknowing eyes.

First words, last words need to be sweet and tender.
Kind lovers pray for the night to expand to forever.
Deeper and deeper lovers fall.
The surging emotion take away regret and fear.

Real lovers do not confess the passionate nights and days.
Beloved places need to be protected and safe.

The color of love is bright and powerful.
In the paleness of the light of the new day.
Lovers whisper enchanting words and hold tighter.

Lasting love and emotion is envies.
Divine places where love is born and grow.
Need to be held safe and protected.

Blushing lovers doing the lover’s dance.
Scarce places opening up,
allowing love to bloom and expand.

Love cannot be hidden.
When love is alive and well.

The planned rendezvous bring hope and joy to the
waiting lovers.