Whim and follies..

Whim and follies…

I told her. Sometimes good to go slow. Men will eat and eat, not stopping to taste or digest the food. He will forget to cherish the taste, the gentle touch and the beauty he behold.

He will learn to need more. Leaving the woman empty and a shell. The whims and follies of greed in love are a dangerous edge to dance upon.

The young woman regards the words with reproach. She asked how do you entwine and entangle two hearts without
greed and want?

I told her fasting in love, inflamed  the heart and mind. Imagination lead to possibilities and a patience man don’t rush love or use and abuse her. He cherish and appreciate her.

Young woman asked. Do you reach pentacle of passion and have no place to go?

I told the young woman. The flesh is weak. We will try to use and abuse the body. Leaving nothing for the the morning. Isn’t it better to ration love and need? Create plans and understanding. Sex is sex. Love is love. No middle ground. Real love is leaving the lights on. A complete free evening and a bottle of good lotion. Time to massage and make your lover feel like a king or a queen. Having sex for release is like a bull in the barnyard and knowing no tenderness. And not even a thank you ma, for the use of your body.

She smiled and told me. You are right and wrong. I would like to have a bull and the tenderness. Is this a possibility?”  I told her no. All things come to a end. Good or bad. Better to know fasting and knowing the ecstasy of true and free love. True love is five hours in paradise, not five minutes. Sex is good  and loving is better.

                                Coyote/John Castellenas