End of Times on Beaver Lake

Please listen to the amazing writer.

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dmchess_a_few_people_in_a_vacant_lot_on_a_cloudy_day_masterpiec_668a8646-be72-4ac4-a2fc-5d1c8da7d6ec               “A Few People in a Vacant Lot on a Cloudy Day” by Dale Innis on Midjourney

Please play to hear the poem recited to the Door’s instrumental, “Riders on The Storm”

It was the end of the world on Beaver Lake; it happened on a Friday afternoon,

late in the day and no one expecting it, to all come about so soon.
First the sound of the atmosphere groaning moaning sparkin’ and explodin;’
there was a hole opening up in the sky and then a big old cloud came galloping in.

None of us could believe our eyes, so we stayed in a stupor without a whisper.
This had a feeling of the supernatural, the alien winds or maybe the eschatological.
We were simple folk on a simple farm, living a simple peaceful life on fields of clover,
but when the sky parted with a clap of thunder, even…

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