Time waits for no-body and a amazing Freddy Mercury song.

Time waits for no-body…
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
" Life is today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will come. Make this day perfect. "

Time wait for no-body…

He was fond of her for many years. He was fond of the way she walked and he was fond of way she talked.
She charmed him her sparkling hazel eyes and when she shared a smile with him. He would blush with slyness and she did like this.
Her laughter and constant talking made him feel joy. She was his wonder and his miracle of his heart.
Her kindness and her concern made him forget war was near, and he could only remember her beautiful face.
She told him often. Time waits for no-body. We must make this day, our best day ever.
The winding road can lead us to war, the winding world can take us home and sometimes.
Can teach us. Time waits for no-one. Make everyday, a perfect day.