Colors… We must learn. We are one people and one world to share.


Black, white, brown and yellow. What is the different? I am so tire of the colors, tossed in my face.
Isn’t a man, just a man, a woman, just a woman. We are not so different my friends.
Are the desired, any different? Some people want money, some people want power, some people want a family and a peaceful life. Some people are filled with hate.
There is no color in hate.I have seen the white man hate, the black man hate, the brown man hate and the yellow man hate.
Hate is a sickness. Do you want to spread our hate to the children?
Do we want to transfer our father hate? Then we are worst than the teacher. We see hate, the separation and we allowed it.
I am no better than you.I am proud of my heritage and I am disappointed in my heritage. I have learned to dispose of my hate, I have learned not to judge no-one by the color of their skin. I don’t  have this right to do this and you don’t either.
We are weak, we speak without thinking. Sometimes we make mistakes.
We must toss aside the words “Colors”. We must befriend each other, for the world is becoming smaller. Hate is easily seen today. The children are born innocence and life is not always easy. But we must teach the children to love, be kind and be fair. Not to rate another person because of the color of their skin.
We must give the children opportunity to dream, to reach for great dreams and goals.  They can be anything they want to be. Don’t allow your wall of failure to kill the child hope. If God is watching us, I pray anyone who harm a child or woman should suffer a long and painful time in hell. The world is large. Large enough for eight billion dreams.
It is time, all men and women. Black, yellow, white and brown to walk as one. ONE PEOPLE AND ONE EARTH. We must ensure the schools are safe, education is available to every child and the neighborhood are safe and free of the drugs. We must allow the children to be children. All men and women have chance and opportunity to succeed.
If the system don’t change, our leaders blinded to the needs of the people. We must change the system. It is time. A great sickness is here. Old world is gone. New world is here. People are scare. We must lead with kindness, concern and listen to each other. I pray our leaders know. We must help the countries in need. Send food, water and medicine. It is time for our world to befriend each other. I pray the new world learn. One people and one world. Every life had value my friend.
                       Dancing Coyote