I want to fall in love again..

I want to fall in love..

(Life is short: break some rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly and never regret anything that made you smile.)  A quote from somewhere?)

Was, maybe late Spring, maybe early Summer.
Our eyes met and I followed you.
You turned around and your eyes of blue, stole my heart.
You reached out your hand and I took your hand.
I felt the softness of our fingers intertwine with my fingers
and you whispered.
Are you chasing me or am I trapping you dear midnight poet?
I smiled and I told you.
I want to fall in love with you, will you allow me to?
The gentle early German June breeze moved your flowing blonde hair
and you kissed me softly and whispered.
You can’t stop love, love is the sweetest wine,
the softest touch and when the heart dances with wonder.
Love will make us brave, open doors to mystery and the unknown.
Love can be sweet and love can break our heart.
Are you brave enough to love me?
I kissed her forehead and her lips,
I whispered.
I want us to fall in love with you.

Dancing Coyote