Lilac wine and a amazing John Legend song.

 Lilac wine

She whispered,
maybe not.
Let’s allow the lilac wine,
to write the story for us.


Life is many colors,
we can paint her black,
we can paint her red,
we can paint her white.
We decide the beginnings,
the endings.


Let’s fall in love,
we have the lilac wine,
we have time.
The sea is near and
the night is long.
Please make me believe,
love is near.
Please whispered to me,
who you are and where we are going.

I am intoxicated by your face,
your beautiful voice steal my thoughts.
You are my heaven,
my safe place.
You are my moon,
you are my morning rising sun.
You are my reasons to be brave and unafraid.
I love you more than the desire to give-up.

                             Dancing Coyote