Please don’t forget about me and a amazing song by dear Cloves.

Please don’t forget about me…

1- She asked him. Will you forget me and find someone sweeter? He looked at her and he knew. He loved his fancy lady. She had a soft voice, pale skin and the darkest brown eyes, he had ever seen. He told her. You are my blessing, my miracle and I am honored to be in your eyes. My dear love, you listen to my words and we laugh at life. We do midnight dances with the Elvis and the Tom Jones songs. You are my perfect days and everlasting nights. She laughed at his words and she told him. Never judge someone by their appearance. The Devil can hide in shadows and the Devil can be a pretty lady being kind. The proof of love is 50 years together, many children and holding on tighter in the bad days. Can we do this? Please don’t forget me when I am old and gray. He kissed her hands and he told her. I will love your gray hair, I will love your old face and we will dance till we cannot to the Elvis and the Tom Jones songs.  With you, I am so thankful and I love you my sweetheart.
2- Strong men, seek more. Never less. Strong women are the teachers of love. Two  people told the night. Regards to a memory. His true love told him. We have overcome so many things. Do you still love me like when we were young and foolish? He told her. I love you more. She asked him. Can I have one more dance please? He brought her close and he whispered. You are my first wish in the morning and my last wish in the night. Your kisses are sweeter than ambrosia wine. She whispered. Please one more dance my brave man.