Hanging with George Jones and some poetry.

The ray of the sun..

Drunk man wishing. Alone on destine hill. He dreamed she was near. He dreamed he was in her embrace and her tender fingers were caressing his face. She took his hand and kissed each finger and she whispered.
“Dear Johnnie. Whiskey is always fair. Blocked away the memories. Love just stirred up wants we do not understand. Love is cruel and cold. The flesh never is content. Feel the ray of the sun. This is true. The sun will rise, whiskey can be bought and love will break your heart.”

Old Poet awoke to warm sun on his face and empty whiskey bottle. He looked to the sky and he thanked the liquor and booze gods for the whiskey angels.


   Sacred lover..

Old rustic songs sang by Leonard Cohen. He sang songs of a thousand kisses deep and bay side woman with tender touch and wanting kisses.

I told my seaside lover. The sun will rise and fall. The tender story of lovers will be endless. The allure of body and kind voice make the heart yearn and wish for someone like you. Sweet as Fall honey, pretty as the wildflower field in the valley and wild as the dancing sea. You are my sacred memory and love.

Her sultry smile turn sad and she brought me closer and she whispered. “The angels weep for us. Men and women waste the opportunity to know love. Love is not ownership. True love is wanting your lover to know joy, laughter and pleasure before our own needs. Dear Poet. You are my sacred lover. You make me feel like a goddess. Your eyes looked at me with kindness, concern and care. Love demand nothing and love demand everything. Today we have the sea and the song of Leonard Cohen. Allow the merciful love to live my lover.”

Old Poet holding his lover near the sea. He looked to the morning sky and he whispered a silence prayer.

Drink and pray I do.
I pray for peace and calm.
I pray we bless the lost and the confused and.
Thank you for this kind woman.

                               John Castellenas/Coyote