I serenaded to the paragon of beauty..

I serenaded to the paragon of beauty.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" We were shadows dancing upon the beach. Safe from the peril of real life "

                            I serenaded  to the paragon of beauty…

On highway one. The coastal California highway.
Hidden is utopia of land and people untouched by factory or big business.
Big Sur is safe hideaway for the few lucky people close to her.

A hidden nude beach called Pfeiffer beach in Big Surf.
Allowed the people to be far away from the city and in the safe
hands of the Pacific ocean.

My long legs beauty beg me to take to Big Surf.
She wanted to dance bare to the sea.
Allow her skin to unravel from the burden of real life.

We arrived at Pfieffer beach at noon.
Old and young running in skimpy bathing suits or none.
Few swim in the dangerous water.
The view of the rocks and dancing waves was enough.

My beauty undress quickly.
Reaching her arms to the sky.
Doing a circle dance like a child.
Reached for me and kissed me.

I told her I will take you to the paragon of perfection.
Nature herself had to touch this place I will show you.

I walked behind her.
We had to climb a path to a large hill.
The hill overlooked the sea for miles.

We reached the peak.
My lady was amazed at the beauty of the sea and the mountain range.
She was held in silence.
I told her in the Spring and the Fall.
Can see the whales swimming by.

We sat down. Facing the Pacific.
She lay against me.
I caress the softness of her neck and arms. Held her waist.
The  sun aspire to allow her brown skin to consume the warmth.

I tried to memorized her beautiful face and the curve of her body.
She laugh at my thoughts.
She asked me. “Am I your paragon of beauty or do I have imperfections?

I told her. You are my muse. You and the sea are perfect to my eyes. I will
serenade words of gratitude till death set me free for this day.

She stood up. Pulled me to her. We danced on the cliff of Big Surf.
Hoping the God and Angels enjoyed the view.

Today I’m old and gray.
I wish to be bold and daring.
Dance barefooted and nude upon empty beaches.
Knowing the utopia of freedom and real love.