Can you see me?

Can you see me?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" All of us need to feel needed and wanted. "

                               Can you see me?

1600 mile to Dallas, seemed like a million miles. I’m so alone. I have learnth to accept less.
I have learn. Dead love is no love.

I drink the bloody Mary with more vodka than tomato juice. I roll my cigarettes dreaming of your soft face and kind words.  I wonder if we are born to accept less?

I don’t want to forget you and  I have wished upon the first and last star for someone to make me wild and crazy once again. I want to know the rapture of reluctant kiss devouring the nights and morning.

I want to fall into adrift in your eyes, your hands and your kiss. I wondered can you see me? Can you see what I need and want. Maybe we don’t want enough or too much?

I wanted someone like you. Someone who makes me feel tomorrow will be okay. Someone who excites my soul and heart. Gifts of love are rare.

I wonder do I have anything left? Maybe too many shadows and the chaos in my mind. Maybe I’m blinded and  the veil of accepting less had capture me.

Sometime I dream I’m the Coyote. Running free and wild to his true love. Two lovers dancing bare and unafraid to the darkness of the night and the light of the day.

I see you. I hear you and I want to know you. I want us to undress and dance by the moonlight by the sea. Leave nothing hidden and be free to shred the skin of disappointment.

I love you beautiful Katie.

                             Coyote/John Castellenas