I tried to memorize her face.

I tried to memorize her face..

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Some new poetry. "

I tried to memorize her face..

She was my midnight dancer and she loved the sea.

She didn’t like loud people and she sought the quiet of the Monterey Bay.

She adored band night in the Monterey taverns and the poetry readings in Pacific Groves.

I tried to memorize her beautiful face and I needed to hear her laughter.

I loved when she crossed her long bare legs over me and she read her favorite book to me.

I tried to memorize her dancing/moving feet and the softness of her legs.

She hated clothing and I loved when her nude body held me so tightly.

We knew. I was Winter and she was Spring.

She was a nurse and I was a soldier.

I would leave her and I would never return to the same place.

We knew, we will two people dancing in a storm. Just holding on and waiting for a miracle.

We were naked, fearless and honest. We wanted to taste love, we wanted to know some laughter.

Now the old soldier returned to the Monterey bay and he knew.

Beautiful Gail found joy and happiness.

And he had learn to accept less.

Dancing Coyote