Like a whisper..

Like a whisper

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Just words. "

                     Like a whisper..

(This is the way the world ends.
This is the way the world ends.
This is the way the world ends.
Not with a bang but a whisper.)
T.S  Eliot

Beautiful Liz whispered. Dear Poet. Nothing is written in stone. People bleed words and do not mean them.  I told her she is my last and first memory.  Sweet Liz drank her coffee and looked to the nearby sea. She pointed at the sky than the sea and she told me. The sea will outlast us. The sky will shine blue when we are gone. I accepted your greed and goodbye.  I took her hand and I told her. I wrote this poem for you. I know you can’t forgive me. I understand.

                         “I forgave you, I didn’t forgive you..

Sweet woman had  lived for you.
She gave you everything.
She left her home to be with you.
Now she accepted the loneliness.

The sweet woman had cried a thousand tears and die in heart for you. She had learned the liars prayer.

Her wasted words and her kisses had turned cold. Flesh used and tire want little now. She cursed my face for a time. She had learn that love is fleeing and can vanish. Young men want everything and want nothing. Now the foolish man stand at her door trying to get back in. She raised her beautiful blue eyes and told him.

I forgave you, I didn’t forgive you. Please leave.”

Sweet Liz brought my hands to her mouth.  Kissed them. Soft tears fell from her eyes. She whispered love die slowly and painful. It is a quiet death. Maybe all of us must learn. Dead love cannot be rebirth. I won’t allow you to break me twice. Please go.

Old Poet sat near the pier. Watched the sea dance upon the shore. He knew there was no fairy tales  endings in real life. People are greedy and don’t cherish the real gift of love and kindness. You can’t go back to where you have begin. He looked at the sea. Remembered when Liz danced with the waves and knew laughter. She was his only love. Today he gave her closure.

                           Coyote/John Castellenas