Morning glory..

Morning glory

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Good to open your eyes and see the glory of the new day and beauty near. "

                               Morning glory..

The smell of fresh coffee and pancakes cooking and I was laying in my warm bed. The morning sun was is peeking in my window.  Telling me raise and shine, soldier. A new day is here. It is time to enjoy the morning glory of a warm day of the Fall.

I exhaled into the blankets, the fragment of soft perfume and skin. I  remembered your beautiful face.  You appeared wearing my gift of extra large red wing t-sheet and beautiful smile. You told me. Wait-up sweetie. You are wasting the morning. We must eat than shower. You have promise me the sea and the Big Surf. You can’t break your promise of Pfeiffer beach. I want to lay nude and drink a lot of good wine and tequila. Maybe you will write a song about me?

I watched you take-off the t-sheet and turn to me. Standing nude, tall and beautiful. You smiled and asked. Will I offend anyone at the Pfeiffer beach?

I smiled and I told you. The Gods of the sea and sky will be honored by your beauty. You are my morning glory and if anyone that can see you at Big Surf. They would be left with a blessed memory of a beautiful and perfect woman.

You give me a pretty smile and joined me in the bed. You whispered. I want us to lay beneath the sun, stars and moon today dear Poet.  I said okay.

                                  Coyote/John Castellenas