Some poetry for love…

Some poetry for love..

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Need to change my flow of thoughts. "

Some poetry for love..

He adored her Summer bonnet of blue, he adored her flowing ginger hair.

He asked her. Old wise men had told me once. Never love a ginger hair Scottish gal.

She will love you forever or break your heart? Is this true?

Pretty Sheena smiled and she told him. A Scottish gal loved rarely and when she loved you.

The love must stay true and kind. A broken hearted Scottish gal will become a great storm.

You do not want to feel and know the great storm. Don’t make promises, you cannot keep.

He told her. I want to dance in the storm with you dearest Sheena. I adore your wild hazel eyes, 

I adore your  ginger hair and I love when I am in your eyes. I want us to find the sea and

I want us to slow dance for the ocean. I will love you till the end of days.

She smiled and she whispered to him. I was told. A soldier’s promise isn’t worth a penny. Please

be honest with me. My heart is tender and I need to keep safe till my lover is true.

He brought her close to him. Kissed her forehead, he kissed her ginger hair and he kissed her sweet lips.

He told her. I am here with you till you don’t need me no-more.

Coyote Dancing.