What is ugly? What is beautiful.

What is ugly? What is beautiful?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Some new poetry finally. "

What is ugly? what is beautiful?

He watched the pretty artist on the Monterey pier. He brought her coffee and a salad. He sat and he wrote words for no-one.

“What is ugly?

what is beautiful?

Do our eyes see what we need only?

Are we ugly?

Are we dirty with confusion?

Maybe we cannot see no-more?

Maybe we can’t tell the different?”

The pretty artist used her slender fingers to create artwork of the sea and the faces of the Monterey Bay tourist. I told her. I wish I could paint the Big Sur and her forest. I want to remember the beautiful things and places forever.

She laughed at my words and she told him. Silly poet, you paint with words. You can write the ugly of the world and the beautiful things of our world. You can take people to the clouds of wonder and to the lover’s dance. You bring alive to strangers. War, love and kisses. This is art my friend.

He told her. Beautiful Paloma. I sit with you daily. We roam to Big Sur every Sunday and drink wine at the River Inn. You know I love you. Do you love me?

She looked the the Monterey bay and she told him. I do love you Johnnie. I want to paint you near the Monterey bay. I want to have the dark Poet in my bedroom with me always. Will you allow me to paint you? He told her okay dear Paloma. Will the painting steal my soul like Dorian Gray?

She laughed at my words and she told him. Evil can be found in a painting of beauty, sweetness can be found in a painting of ugliness. All of us are hiding something. All of us are hiding some sort of ugliness. Maybe, all of us are ugly inside?

I told her. I am ugly inside and dear Paloma. You make me believe. Life is okay. I believe you are beautiful, inside and out. 

She smiled and she took his hands. She kissed them and she told him. You lived a soldier life and you had swam in shit, sin, violence and war. You need to forgive yourself.

He told her. Thank you dearest Paloma. I know women are the teacher of love and kindness. I appreciate your kindness.

She came to him and she kissed his face. She whispered. Here in Monterey. Love is waiting for you.

Dancing Coyote