Lessons engraved into my mind and a amazing Judds song.

Lessons engraved into the mind and heart.
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
" Life is learning to be wiser and kinder. "

                                Lessons engraved into the mind and the heart…

The hollow hour leave me alone with my thoughts.
Hidden guilt and despair ascent when the faces of people gone appear.
Ancient memories changed direction of my life and song.

After years of running toward a road with dead-ends only.
I found out why I should of been kinder, knew forgiveness and held love
over my dreams and priorities.

Today I look at my  life filled with many victories and
the gift of love wasn’t one of them.
Today I wished I truly knew the people who needed kindness.
I wished I knew what their skin deep pain and fear was .
Instead of demanding strength and purpose.

I understood too late for my brothers to listen instead of lecture.
I learn not all people desire wealth and power.
I didn’t see my brother sinking into the quicksand of disappointment.

Today I have become kinder.
I tried to stay positive. Follow the advice of my wise Grandfather.
“Nothing good to say. Say nothing. Words and action can create permanent separation.”

The memories of three boys still dance in my head.
I can hear my brother’s laughter.
I can envision two young men with big hearts and strong hands but not equip to handle
the battle of daily life.

Now my two brothers are just ashes. Just salt upon open wounds  of life and death.
There is no forgiveness for some deeds and action done. You must repent and walk the
proper road.

Today I know I must stop other from giving up. I must listen and be kind.
Like my kind Parent. Keep the door wide open for our kids. Better to be the
safe house and quiet place to regain hope and strength than the negative voice in
in a cold world.

Lessons engraved into the mind and heart leave us with rage or if we are lucky?
A soft voice in a heartless world.

                         written in 1989/rewrote in 2013